What to Expect

What to bring?

  1. Bring food for the duration of stay (Better to bring extra) and label in the following:

    Meal must be labelled along with a set of written feeding instructions:
    a. Name of Cat
    b. Feeding Time (e.g 9AM )
    c. Feeding Amount (e.g. 1 spoonful)
  2. A small bag of their current litter for us to layer it on top of our tofu cat litter so that there is a familiar scent.
  3. Their Favourite Treats
  4. A favourite toy (Small)
  5. Small Bed/Cushion/Blanket (Optional)
  6. Grooming Brush
  7. Pipette of Revolution spot-on (Alternatively, we provide at $15 per application per cat)

Ryokan Genetique is not liable for any items for damage/lost that is brought in to our premise.