​Step 1: Boarding Requirements and T&C

Ensure that your cat fulfils our Boarding Requirements. You are also required to agree to our Terms & Conditions for boarding.

Step 2: Pick A Room

Choose the type of suites you would like to board your cat in.

You’re welcome to visit us to experience the hotel in person. Make an appointment here.

Step 3: Make A Reservation and Payment

Make a reservation here and make payment to the UEN number 202213100W to confirm your reservation.

Step 4: Submit Boarding Admission Form

A Email will be sent with a link to our Boarding Admission Form. Please sign the form and WhatsApp Us the form and your cat’s health documents at least one day before check-in.

​Step 5: Prepare To Board

Prepare your cat for boarding! Please refer to our boarding preparation page for more details. We look forward to see you and your cat at Ryokan Genetique!