Differences between a Licensed Cat Boarding and an Unlicensed Cat Boarding in Singapore


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When it comes to finding the right accommodation for your beloved feline friend while you’re away, it’s essential to choose a cat boarding facility that meets the highest standards of care and safety. In Singapore, you have the option of both licensed and unlicensed cat boarding establishments. In this article, we will explore the key differences between a licensed cat boarding and an unlicensed cat boarding, so you can make an informed decision for your furry companion.


Licensed Cat Boarding

A licensed cat boarding facility in Singapore is one that has obtained the necessary permits and certifications from the relevant authorities. These establishments are regulated and regularly inspected to ensure they meet specific standards of hygiene, safety, and animal welfare.

1. Qualified Staff: Licensed cat boarding facilities employ trained and experienced staff who have a deep understanding of feline behavior, health, and nutrition. They are equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise during your cat’s stay.

2. Proper Accommodation: Licensed cat boarding facilities provide clean and comfortable living spaces for cats. They have separate enclosures or rooms to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure that each cat has enough space to move around and play.

3. Veterinary Care: Licensed cat boarding facilities have established relationships with veterinarians who can provide immediate medical attention if required. They also ensure that all cats are up to date with vaccinations and have regular health check-ups.

4. Safety Measures: Licensed cat boarding facilities have strict safety protocols in place to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of the cats in their care. This includes secure enclosures, proper ventilation, and fire safety measures.

5. Hygiene Standards: Licensed cat boarding facilities maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases. They have proper waste disposal systems and regular cleaning schedules to keep the environment safe and healthy for all cats.


Unlicensed Cat Boarding

An unlicensed cat boarding facility in Singapore operates without the necessary permits and certifications. These establishments may not be subject to regular inspections and are not held to the same standards as licensed facilities.

1. Uncertified Staff: Unlicensed cat boarding facilities may not employ staff with proper training or qualifications in feline care. This could potentially compromise the well-being and safety of your cat during their stay.

2. Limited Accommodation: Unlicensed cat boarding facilities may not have adequate space or suitable enclosures for cats. This can lead to overcrowding and stress among the cats, increasing the risk of illness or behavioral issues.

3. Lack of Veterinary Care: Unlicensed cat boarding facilities may not have access to immediate veterinary care in case of emergencies. This puts your cat at a higher risk if they require medical attention during their stay.

4. Safety Concerns: Unlicensed cat boarding facilities may not have the same safety measures in place as licensed facilities. This could include inadequate enclosures, poor ventilation, or a lack of proper fire safety protocols.

5. Lower Hygiene Standards: Unlicensed cat boarding facilities may not prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, which can lead to the spread of diseases among the cats. They may not have proper waste disposal systems or follow regular cleaning routines.



When choosing a cat boarding facility in Singapore, it is crucial to opt for a licensed establishment that meets the necessary standards of care, safety, and hygiene. Licensed cat boarding facilities offer peace of mind, knowing that your feline companion will receive the best possible care in your absence. By choosing a licensed facility, you can ensure that your cat’s health, well-being, and comfort are safeguarded throughout their stay.

Remember, the welfare of your cat should always be the top priority, and selecting a licensed cat boarding facility is a responsible and trustworthy choice.

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